Where Can You Soften

“Where can you soften” the teacher asked as she paced around the room. Hearing the words let me realize that my body wasn’t fully relaxed even though we were in our final pose of the class, savasana also known as corpse pose. My jaw was clenched and my shoulders were still drawn up to my ears. As my awareness shifted I thought to myself, I need to dig deep. Going deep requires going within. And going within requires feeling. Yoga is a practice that demands one to present and demands one to go within. There is a saying that when your practice has shifted inward then the real yoga begins. It becomes less about what the poses look like and more about what they feel like. The practice of yoga evokes emotion and it evokes change even when you’re not searching for it. Yoga is a symphony of poses strung together to help you tap into the under belly of your true authentic self. Backbends, heart openers, hip releases all these poses force you tap in, to dig deeper, to surrender, to feel.

So, I asked myself..can you let go of control, can you relax jaw, can you send your shoulders down your back. Can you release the control of your breath. With my eyes closed, tears began to stream down my face, not because I was sad. But, because I knew it was time to let go. Let go of everything that no longer served me, so I could make space for the things coming my way. Soften.. where can you soften.. soften and let go.




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